Cassland Road Hackney double hight living room

Cassland Road

Loft Fit-out, London, Hackney

The loft unit sits at the top floor of a Victorian school with one window to outside and roof lights across the west side.  AA modified the existing two mezzanines floors and a third level mezzanine was trimmed at one side and a glass floor panel introduced along the west side allowing the daylight to filter into lower levels. Two glass floor panels were introduced at second level mezzanine adjacent to the existing external window. One of these panels acted as the base of the bathtub allowing natural light into the kitchen, which was the darkest part of the space. A spiral staircase was removed and a new staircase with straight flights and shelving system that acts as balustrade was introduced. The new staircase acts as the anchor in the scheme providing a strong, sculptural element in the new space.

“An unpromising conversion of a Hackney school to a loft-style apartment did not deter Azman Owens Architects. Commissioned to remodel the top floor space, it introduced a new staircase and glass floor panels to create a highly individual, if idiosyncratic, vision.”
Amanda Baillieu RIBA Journal 2001.

Finalist FX Award 2001 Best Residence

Architectural Review April 2002 
RIBA Journal June 2001